That’s right: The Washington Post is suggesting there are too many gun dealers.

Why? Because, post offices. Also, a nice talking point for WaPo’s Democrat buddies, as it openly suggest in the alleged article:

In response, don’t be surprised if you see Democrats use this gun shop vs. post office argument to make the point that there are more than enough gun shops across the country where private dealers could drop off records of a private sale or conduct a background check.

It’s up to them to decide how many is too many, huh? Just like it is not above Obama’s paygrade to let you know that at some point, you’ve made enough money. It’s not like you built it anyway.

Luckily, Twitter users are there to point out the inanity of WaPo’s talking point non sequitur.

Point? “Real journalists” don’t need any stinkin’ points, you bitter clingers!

And still others weigh in with an attempt at a Teachable Moment for the good little lapdogs at The Washington Post.

Bingo. But that wouldn’t put any extra kibble in WaPo’s bowl now, would it?