To whose bragging is he referring? Oh, the hilarity that is known as the Secretary of Dunce, John Kerry. Secretary of State Kerry let the French fly today.

Or, really, the French-ish. Media, of course, swooned.

Non-lapdogs weren’t so impressed.

Zut alors!

But, he can totally tell you where the library is, you guys. “Où est la bibliothèque?” Kerry is on it.

More Twitter users mock the highly mockable Kerry.

Yep, he said that. Oh, if only we had that option, Mr. Kerry!

Ace continues with the glorious drubbing.

And we are loving the slinging of the slams of hilarity. Even if some of it is in fancy pants French. More, s’il vous plaît!

Update: The shredding continues. Paging Rick Klein!

Yes. As Twitchy readers know, he did that. He also squeed over “Obama rising above – disdaining the process – and trying to make the choices bigger, not smaller.”


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