Bingo. Scratch a progressive, find a racist. It’s a little something called projection. Want to know what a liberal thinks? Just look at what they accuse others of thinking. It’s also a case of the ignorant belief that all people who bitterly cling to living in the South are as racist as they are. Hey, Progress Kentucky, if you want to see an actual racist, you need only look in the mirror.

Wow.  Absolutely disgraceful. “Senator McConnell? He’s married to one of those Chinese women.” Despicable and, yet, there’s more. The article they link to is from a conspiracy site, as WFPL reports. Hey, nothing like adding a little cuckoo pants to the race-baiting mix, huh? That wasn’t the only contemptible tweet.

Regress Progress Kentucky retweeted this disgusting remark, then swiftly deleted.

Alas, the Internet does progress. And it is forever.


There was even more.

The executive director tweeted this today:

The tagline should actually be Progress Kentucky: the campaign of racists. Mr. Reilly evidently stands by Progress Kentucky tweets, because he retweets them proudly.


When you’ve lost even other liberals …

Non-racists are disgusted, and rightly so.

Huh. What say you, Ms. Judd?

That’s right. A spokesman also said the following:

 Chris Morrison, a spokesman for Progress Kentucky, acknowledged that some of their tweets may “have crossed the line” and offended some Kentuckians, but he insisted that “it’s fair to question whether or not there’s a conflict of interest.”

Sorry if they offended some Kentuckians. You know, the non-racist ones whom they think don’t really exist. It’s a fine line … wink wink, nudge nudge.

They should be, but they aren’t. It’s hard to be ashamed when one has no shame.

Update: Ashley Judd responded on Twitter.

Update: Progress Kentucky has issued an apology to Elaine Chao.