Boom, again! As Twitchy reported yesterday, Greg Gutfeld slammed the outrageous rape avoidance “tips” offered by Democrats. Today, he slammed the appalling “advice” from yet another Democrat: Use the buddy system, ladies. You can’t be trusted with a firearm to protect yourself. Just buddy up, instead. You gals like to do that anyway, right? In your shorty nightgowns, and braiding each other’s hair. At least, that’s what misogynist and woman-infantilizing Democrats seem to think. Oh, look! A shiny gun! How on earth could you handle such a thing, without being distracted or becoming hysterical?

Greg knows that women may be best served by a truly empowering buddy, who fits right into their purses.

Awesome, indeed. But the Left would rather have victims than empowered women.

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