This is ghastly. Yes, ghastly is synonymous with Planned Parenthood regardless, but there is horrifying news coming out of Colorado today.

As Fox News reports, the woman alleges that she had changed her mind after learning anesthesia wasn’t available, but the abortionist said “too late,” and proceeded anyway. She was then sent home, with no follow-up care.

It’s heartbreaking. And there is more. Safe? Rare?

Indeed. Something evil this way came, in the form of Roe v. Wade. The monstrous Planned Parenthood aids in and perpetuates the evil.

President Obama and his fellow travelers lie. They use women as pawns, and feed them lie after lie about how they need Planned Parenthood. All for some sweet, sweet blood money and political power.

The Left doesn’t want abortion safe or rare.

Someone always dies after an abortion. But, hey, just a ball of cells. Or, you know, parts of a baby whose life was snuffed out before his or her very first breath. His or her lifeless limbs left inside its mother womb, which was once a safe haven, after a “doctor” proceeded with an abortion that she asked to stop.

This happens every day … a normal day. The parts of the child may not be discovered, though. Because they have been vacuumed away, and stuffed into medical waste disposals.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about the women, either. This poor woman was sent home with no follow-up care.  There was no concern for her well-being. There was no concern over the fact that she asked that the abortion not proceed. Regret? She’s not allowed to have any; Liberals know best.

For the women?