Repulsive. And, yes, he did. As we reported earlier, Fox News’ “The Five” took on the outrageous liberal rape prevention “advice,” which includes pretending to vomit or faint. Greg Gutfeld slammed it out of the park with his remarks, including “the rapist should be crapping, not the victim.” Bob Beckel?  He showed himself as the cretinous misogynist that he is.

Watch the gutter sludge Beckel in all his disgusting glory.

First, he suggested that campus rape is just some big myth. Because, you know, he has totally never heard of it.

It gets worse. When the other cast members told him that it’s rampant, especially date rape, he blew that off as “Well, date rape, yeah, that’s one thing.” You know, because that’s not really rape or something. Silly girls! If you have met your attacker before, it doesn’t count. You asked for it by dating him.


The shake fisty is strong in this one. It didn’t even end there; he then capped off his trifecta of repulsive pig by asking if a woman is then supposed to take a gun out and shoot “her date.” You know, the man who is raping her.

Like Rep. Salazar, Beckel thinks you are too stupid to know if you are being raped. It could just be a date and all, you dumb dames. It’s all in good fun, huh, Bob?

Atrocious. We thought Beckel had sunk to rock bottom before. Now he is scraping the earth’s mantle. Enough is enough.

Remember this ladies. This is what the Left believes. War on women? You are looking at him.


Gross: Serial misogynist Bob Beckel directs vulgar remark at Andrea Tantaros

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