Asking questions and fighting for justice? Totally mock-worthy, according to Media Matters’ Oliver Willis and his fellow travelers.

Good one? What happened in Benghazi is just so hilarious, huh? Horrifying; How do you people sleep at night?

Absolutely shameful. Take a gander at how they are making light of the killing of four Americans.

Of course. Asking about Benghazi is raaaaaacist.

Appalling. Beneath contempt, Mr. Willis and buddies. People died.

When one is morally bankrupt, yes. This is one of the largest problems we face; how do you debate things with an opponent who has no moral compass?

Other Twitter users swiftly call out the shameful and disgusting behavior of Oliver Willis and his fellow travelers.

How long, indeed? Americans won’t let them. We want answers, and we don’t find the deaths of four Americans to be the butt of jokes. Those who aren’t morally bankrupt continue to seek the truth, and to seek justice for the murdered Americans.

Questions? You’re damn right we have questions. And we will continue to ask them until justice is served. Four dead Americans, Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, deserve no less.


Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld rightly gives the ghoulish Willis the business.

Spot on, Mr. Gutfeld.


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