Ha! Yes, he does. As Twitchy reported, it was the sip heard ’round the world. Rubio laughed it off this morning, but he also tweet-laughed it off last night. A Rubio adviser tweeted a picture of the  famous water bottle, and Senator Rubio followed that up with the photo tweet of his own.

Today, Poland Spring gets in on the action. Finally.

A little late indeed. Oh, Poland Spring, you could take a lesson from Oreo’s social media team! They were so on the ball that they had a power outage related ad (for free) up on Twitter within minutes after the power outage at the Super Bowl. In comparison, Poland Spring took over 12 hours to cash in on the sip heard ’round the world via its Facebook page.

There is still no mention on Poland Spring’s woefully inactive Twitter feed.

Lesson learned, Poland Spring?

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