Today is Governor Palin’s birthday and best wishes pour in. Of course, Huffington Post had to tweet without offering any, you know, best wishes.

Classy. Almost as classy as WaPo’s Chris Cillizza, who felt the need to slam both Palin and the pope earlier today. And doesn’t HuffPo  know that one must never divulge a lady’s age? Criminy! HuffPo readers are even worse; here is one example:

Wow. How hilarious. Not.

Thankfully, the bitter was outweighed by those who took to Twitter to help Sarah Palin celebrate the big day.

Fight like a girl and look great doing it? You betcha!

And some birthday advice.

It’s great for breakfast the next day, too!

We at Twitchy join in wishing Governor Palin a very happy birthday. All the best, always!