Boom. But, hey, they aren’t alone. Lapdogs are helping them bury bones, too. ABC News recently let Sen. Menendez, embroiled in a prostitution scandal, off the hook. Or, hooker.

Good lapdogs! Senator Reid, the raging hypocrite, woman-user and liar, backed sleazy Menendez on “This Week” this morning. It must be noted that some of the allegations involve underage girls. But, “utmost confidence.”

Twitter users point out the obvious to alleged journalists and to reality-impaired and morally suspect Democrats: What about the war on women?

Yes, where is the Fluke brigade? Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin even offered to start a group, reaching out across the aisle, called Ladies Against Senator Sleaze-Bob. Guess what? Crickets from ladies on the Left.

And we know how leading Democratic men on Capitol Hill are dealing with the news. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) derided the news source of the scandal for bringing up “a lot of non-issues.” White House spokesman Jay Carney punted in response to a question about whether President Obama still has confidence in Menendez: “I don’t have anything for you on that.” And other than a stray joke from Jay Leno, the Democratic-entertainment complex has nothing to say, either.

So it’s time for my fellow Ladies Against Senator Sleaze-Bob to represent. Where you at, LASSes? The political boys’ club is calling the exploited women of tax-evader Melgen’s Doll Palace liars and trying to sweep this pedo-tainted scandal under the rug. I guess some “binders full of women” are more equal than others.

Bingo. Not the “right kind” of women and not the “wrong kind” of man. You know, one with (R) after his name, because that is the biggest crime. Once again, women need Democrats, “feminists” and their dem-isogyny like fish need bicycles.

This is the Left, people.

Remember it. Just don’t hold your breath for a response. Or, you know, an ounce of humanity. Females are expendable, if sweet, sweet liberal policy is at stake.


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