Twitchy reported on the crushed unicorn dreams of many when they discovered their paychecks are less. Today, actor Ken Wahl (unverified account) points it out as well. The actor is once again refusing to toe the Hollyweird leftist line.

Preach it! Mr. Wahl then offers support for the 2nd Amendment, while taking on anti-gun zealots and their hypocrisy.

Indeed. The hypocrisy and lies, they burn. Enabling this? The media.

More of this, please, Mr. Wahl! Ken Wahl is also a big fan of Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino and “The Five,” evidently.

Heh. Dana does love her Jasper stories!

Ken Wahl then again puts his time where his mouth is and continues his unwavering support for our heroes.

Make it happen, Twitter.

And keep thinking for yourself, Ken Wahl. You are getting rave reviews.