Indeed. Senator Cruz continued his streak of awesome during his questioning of Chuck Hagel at his Secretary of Defense hearing.

Cruzed! Make it happen, people.

Yes, some didn’t like Senator Cruz’s epic drubbing. Guess who? That’s right; Media lapdogs. Or, as Ace of Spades calls them “the Left’s rescue efforts.” How dare Senator Cruz question Hagel about statements he made, or with which he agreed?

Callers and stuff don’t count. Or something!

And then Chuck Todd donned his head cheerleader outfit.

He then retweeted this:


Sigh. Twitter users rightly call out lapdog Todd.

Boom! Then MSNBC’s Chris Hayes weighs in, pom-poms at the ready.


Yes, but Obama doesn’t like him!

Those not blinded by Obama cheerleading have a much different take.

Ace of Spades then puts it all in a nutshell.

Bingo. Also summed up? Media lapdogs.

Keep exposing yourselves, media lapdogs.

Update: Video!