As Twitchy reported this morning, attorney Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women’s Forum spoke at the senate gun-grabbing hearing. Speaking out and thinking for oneself? That doesn’t suit, according to Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin and other “feminists,” including members of the media. Not surprising, coming from a woman who heads a group that thinks vagina costumes are empowering.

Zing! For the women? Only if she is the “right kind” of woman, natch.

Oh, honey. As we reported, the audience laughed and scoffed at Trotter. That is “heckling,” right media? It continued on Twitter. Take a look at the heckling from your colleagues, if you want to talk sexist, Ms. Wilkie of The Huffington Post.

Nope, name calling and hateful attacks are easier. New tone!

And the attacks predictably began.

Ah, yes. The always inane Amanda Marcotte. She weighed in and her fellow travelers, of course, egged her on.

The hate aimed at Trotter continued.

Stay classy! And, of course, out came more shrieks of crazy and stupid. Silly woman! How dare you think for yourself and seek to protect yourself? You must be cuckoo pants or a dummy. Know your place and make some liberal men a sammich!

CNN contributor Dana Loesch injects some much-needed sanity and some lady smarts.

Bingo! Now that is coming a long way, baby.

Update: And here comes a sexist parody account.

Inevitable? Because she totally had it coming, right?

The Twitter bio reads: “Guns, guns, and more guns turn me on… and large men.”