Bingo. Being a proponent of gun rights is pro-woman. Of course, if you scratch a progressive, you will find a sexist. Earlier today, they attacked attorney Gayle Trotter for speaking in favor of gun rights at today’s senate hearing.

Some (progressive men, natch) also attacked women in general. Believe you have the right to protect yourself from an attack? You must be stupid.


The sane speak out and point out a real war on women: Gun bans.

And these brave women speak out about that. They were attacked and unarmed.

Never again.

They don’t know. And they don’t care; they know what’s best for you, silly girls! Conservatives seek to protect women and empower them to defend themselves.

Progressives seek to control them. And if a few get raped along the way, no biggie! Just look at Occupy camps. The end, and The Cause ™, justifies the means.

Dana Loesch weighs in with some more sanity. Gun ban zealots are waging an actual war on women. Last summer, conservative women on Twitter fought like girls and pointed that out. That must continue. The Left constantly harps about “women’s issues.” Well, guess what? The right to defend themselves is one.


Sorry, ladies. Progressives don’t want you better protected.

Precisely. War on women? Look to the anti-gun zealots.

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