Boom! That pretty much sums it up right off that bat. But, why is Twitter buzzing over Stephen King today? Oh, he has joined the ranks of the ghouls who seek to politicize tragedy. He wrote (for sale, natch) an essay (how fancy) full of anti-gun zealotry.

Yes, they should. Mockery of the author is swift and hilarious.

Mockery aside, many Twitter users point out the utter hypocrisy, idiocy and ghoulish nature of King’s piece. Note to Stephen King:  In addition to your horror tales, didn’t you also write an entire series about a gunslinger? The hypocrisy does not end there.

For the Children, Mr. King.

Once again, a celebrity tries to offer up a sanctimonious lecture to others. He’s so much Smarter Than You™, you see. And enlightened and stuff, you bitterly clinging rubes. Hey, Mr. King, why don’t you start with President Obama and his claim of shooting skeet? That can’t be a good example, can it?

Guess what else, Mr. King? You may be a highly successful author, but that doesn’t mean you are successful at living in reality. Actually, you do deal in fantasy, don’t you? It also doesn’t mean that your word is gospel, nor does it mean that the entire world is waiting with bated breath to hear your thinkies on gun control. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite.

But, hey, he has books to sell, right?

Profits from the essay are allegedly going to The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Of course, no word on the profits of any upsells of other books that the essay will bring in.

Never let a tragedy go to waste … especially if King can line his own coffers or pat himself on his smug back.

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