Indeed. This time, we agree with Holly Robinson Peete.

Many Twitter users were disgusted overnight when Philadelphia Eagles running back  LeSean McCoy went after the mother of his child on Twitter. His nickname is “Shady” and, boy, does it fit.

The mother of his child issued some accusations, claiming he neglects his son. She also tweeted a little too much information.

Wow. Taking a page from Toure’s repugnant book?

LeSean responds: All class. And by class, we mean the exact opposite.

That’s right. He oh-so-bravely calls upon his fans to go after … the mother of his child. But, guess what? Brave LeSean has deleted his entire Twitter account, not just the tweets. Alas, LeSean, the internet is forever.


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Oh, well. As long as he is having fun at a club! The mother of his child responds further.

LeSean then tweeted “hacked.” Convenient! Oh, and he tweeted that right before deleting his entire Twitter account.


Most are not buying it.

While some fans answered his despicable call to attack the mother of his child (which LeSean then oh-so-classily retweeted), most fans are disgusted by LeSean’s (if not “hacked”) actions.

And a protip for LeSean:

Another Twitter user hopes for something that seems to be near impossible, unless that whole “hacked” thing proves true.

Indeed. Based on LeSean’s Twitter feed last night, we won’t hold our breath.