Ah, the yearly gathering of Gulfstream progressives! The World Economic Forum is going on in Davos, Switzerland.

Yes. Because, hilarious. There is much laughter to be had. Take this year’s theme:

They have no clue themselves. It just sounds fancy pants and “enlightened,” and isn’t that what really matters? Some smug self-pats on the back for being oh-so-brilliant?

Those who live in the real world prefer some awesome mockery as medicine. Twitter users discuss Davos with their signature snark.

Poor, little rich proggies! And in the cold, to boot!

They are discussing big ideas, people! In the snow. Uphill.

Both ways.

Even Chuck Todd can’t spin the absurdity away.

That’s right. Yankee Derek Jeter was in attendance. He’s a noted expert on “climate change,” you see.


Heh. Bless their hearts, they tried.

They just didn’t realize the hashtag was funny, because it’s true. A hashtag hijacking begins, pointing out the hilarity of Davos. Can you mock something that has become a self-parody? Yes, Twitter can!


More, please, Twitter! Maybe we can toughen up those “vulnerable elites.”