Darn skippy! As Twitchy reported, pro golfer Phil Mickelson put some divots in the green when he caused a kerfuffle by  saying that he was considering a “drastic change” due to high income taxes. How dare he speak truth? He has since expressed regret for those remarks, because it apparently angered some fans.


Indeed. Many Twitter users rushed to the golfer’s defense: Why on earth should he apologize?


But, the controversy continued. So, Mickelson held a press conference today, which got off to a late start.

Mickelson arrives at the presser.

And he apologizes again for making the comments publicly.

And, the old “fair share” media-pressured narrative comes into play.

It is a shame. He knows the tenor of his remarks was correct. And he has no reason to apologize for it. Many Twitter users agree.


“Fair share”! And by that, we mean punishing success and class warfare. How very moral!

It was CrimeThink, you see.