Something evil this way came: Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that resulted in robed judges legalizing the killing of innocent unborn children. The more than fifty million lives lost since that decision have no graves to mark their passing. They cannot speak for themselves, as their lives were snuffed out before they could even take their very first breaths. They died lacking even the simple dignity of a human touch. No one was able to hold their tiny, innocent hands, coursing with life’s blood, as that life left their tiny bodies in the womb that was meant to be a safe haven.

They have been forever silenced. We must speak for them. And this morning, Cardinal Dolan did. National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez reports from the service.

After the mass, a prayer procession begins on the streets of New York City.

Twitter users are also marking Roe’s anniversary.


Media outlets spin. How low must one go to spin such a horrifying thing?

But that doesn’t push a false narrative or an agenda. An agenda that seeks to devalue life. Because, empowerment. Or something.

Indeed. Also weeping today are women who have had abortions. The regret, guilt and pain that they feel over that decision will last their lifetimes.

You are in our prayers. This is For the Women ™?

Women’s rights are not predicated on a legal ability to kill their own children. Those who claim that, including alleged feminists, do not empower women. In fact, they degrade and demean women by devaluing motherhood, and life itself. Our hands are stained with the blood of the 50 million lives lost.

Matt Drudge recently reminded us of a normal day. A normal day, when 3,500 innocent lives are snuffed out at, and for, someone else’s convenience. Those voices … more than 50 million voices so far … are forever silenced. The screams of those innocent babies are unheard.

Ours cannot be.