Indeed. But what’s 30 million icky baby girls, when it’s For A Cause? Horrifying.

As Twitchy reported earlier, today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Margaret Sanger smiles. And morally bankrupt pro-abortionists celebrate.

Appalling. They are also celebrating on Twitter, using the #Roe40Chat hashtag.


Ahead of people’s lives? You mean like aborting them before they take their first, innocent breaths? Your lack of self-awareness is matched only by your lack of moral clarity.

Those who do have a moral compass decided to hijack the reprehensible celebratory hashtag.

And so it begins.

Twitter users also point out the racism inherent in the pro-abortion agenda.

That’s right. Remember, the vile Margaret Sanger wanted to stop the “multiplication of the unfit” and all.  And, as Twitchy has reported, the majority of babies killed in the womb are minority babies. Why are there so many racists in enlightened New York City, where nearly 60% of unborn African-American children were aborted?

Again, Margaret Sanger smiles.

But, hijacking mission accomplished.

Take a look in the mirror, miscreant.


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