Heh. Lupe Fiasco is a rapper not known for being a shrinking violet. Fiasco performed at an inauguration party last night and was kicked off the stage after speaking ill of President Obama. How dare he criticize The One?


Event attendees, including Foreign Policy magazine’s Josh Rogin, reported from on the scene.

What the rapper do and say?



Heh. Yes, they did. And Twitter continued to buzz over the rapper all night.

Lupe Fiasco criticizing Obama for not addressing racism

Chris Geidner, a BuzzFeed reporter, clutches pearls and thinks it was oh-so-tacky.

And the event organizer wasn’t so excited afterward.

Then tries to deny the reason for the booting.

Oh, it was just about crowd (a cheering crowd) dissatisfaction, you see. Blogger SooperMexican points out some hypocrisy there.

Oh you filthy liberals are so quick to whine when people protest against you, and so happy to support those to criticize your political opponents at any event…

Ding, ding, ding! Others point out the hilarity of the organizers being “disappointed.” Do they not know who Lupe Fiasco is?


Had the event organizers read Twitchy or, you know, googled, they would have know. Here’s a heads-up for next time:

Or, his Wikipedia page.

Some Twitter users bring up freedom of speech.



It was a private event, so that doesn’t apply. However, other Twitter users point out the hypocrisy. When was the last time a performer was booted for rants against Republican politicians or policies? It’s only frowned upon, to the point where one is booted from the stage, if aimed at The One.

Bingo. And these folks sum it all up with signature Twitter snark.

Hmm. Stay tuned!