Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared on “Meet the Press” this morning.

During his appearance, he pointed out that President Obama immediately politicized the tragedy in Newtown. Twitter libs were not pleased; Truth is icky.

No, sweetie. The man doing the exploiting is insulting the dead and the grieving.

Huh. Pointing out the shameful exploitation of a tragedy (never let one go to waste, right, Rahm?) is the real disgrace, according to those drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Also, Cruz is just a “puppet,” natch.

But, to the sane, President Obama’s exploitation and politicizing of a tragedy, in conjunction with his gross display of using children as props, is horrifying. They applaud Senator Cruz for having the guts, unlike President Obama as Senator Rubio pointed out recently, to speak truthfully.

Senator Cruz tweeted similar thoughts a few days ago.

Bingo. And, again, sane Twitter users agreed. They, as we have here at Twitchy, have been pointing out President Obama’s appalling use of children.

And that he did. To the libs clutching their pearls over Senator Cruz’s statement: Try facing the truth. We’ll help, since we are givers. You can start here:

Sadly, don’t look for this disgusting exploitation to end.

It’s standard operating procedure for the Left. As always, the end justifies the means. Even if the means is exploiting children and politicizing on the backs of the dead.