Actor Matthew Modine once again joins the ranks of the celebri-ghouls who crawl out of the fancy pants woodwork in order to grossly politicize a tragedy, even if on the backs of the dead. Modine took to Twitter to push his gun-grabbing video. Perhaps he didn’t know that happy warriors don’t meekly bow down at the altar of celebrity.

Zing! Modine then retweeted this.

And tweeted this out, in a desperate “did you see my video? Huh, did ya?” bid.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder, as well as the amazing actor Adam Baldwin, refused to let his false narratives and absurd ramblings lie.

Huh. Did he steal that from the professor’s op-ed about the “archaic and evil” Constitution in The New York Times?

Baldwin, Crowder and other happy warriors continue to teach the delusional and absurd Modine a much-needed lesson.


Actor Sebastian Roché gets in on the ignorant action; Baldwin makes quick work of him.

Then continues taking Modine to task.

Two more make-believe Gods. Unlike, you know, “our Lord and Savior” Obama, who is “the light and the future.”


Oh, honey. You are just precious! Modine then turns his ramblings into spamming.

That continued, and Baldwin eventually had enough.

Both Steven Crowder and Adam Baldwin end with a Teachable Moment for the poor dear.

Reality is hard. These Twitter users sum up the whole exchange.