As Twitchy reported, the flu is spreading and tents have been erected at one hospital for the influx of flu patients. Some stoners are battling the flu with bong hits and weed (no, really), but across the country, non-tokers are taking other precautions: Masks.

Flu freakout means I get to wear a mask at the doctor  smart on their part #influenzaA #positive ??

That’s right; visiting is being cut down at many hospitals.

In other countries, too.

Some doctor’s offices and hospitals are requiring masks. And some people are taking that protection into their own hands.

Currently at the doctors & they made me put a mask on...I have cold & flu season ??

At urgent care, use promo code "flu" to get a free mask!

No flu shot...mask life haha

Got my mask on like the Chinese ppl #flu all in my house

She's having to wear a mask cause everyone else in my family has the Flu.

I have the flu and there making me wear a mask

Welp! I guess I have to keep my work mask on me,  cause everybody walking around like the flu is the new style... LOL

Doctors office...flu kid catches everything...strep outbreak...flu outbreak...I'm pissed ???????????

Aww! Stay healthy, all.