As Twitchy reported, President Obama has had his laser-like focus on tapping white men for key positions. War on diversity! We questioned when Democrats would call him out on that. Well, like good little cheerleaders, they are instead spinning it to blame mean, old sexist and racist Rethuglicans. Enter Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert, of course.

He’s annoyed that even the Fish Wrap of Record kinda sorta noticed it. Even though, of course, they qualified it with “so far,” his picks are all white men and went on to swoon over the administration’s pats on the head for women.

Boehlert is, of course, referencing the lying liar who lies, Susan Rice. Here is a tip for you, Boehlert: Her utter incompetence and abject failure sunk her Secretary of State bid.

Bingo! The Left frantically tried to cry racism and sexism over the criticisms rightfully levied at Ms. Rice. Time to get some new lines, Left, and cut up your pitifully overused race card. You are just embarrassing yourselves now.

Boehlert then frantically tries to schmooze with MSNBC’s deplorable Chris Hayes.

Totally a bad thing. But still totally the GOP’s fault, huh, deluded one?

Because, racist! Hey, Senior Fellow Boehlert, why don’t you take a look at some of the repugnant hate aimed at Condoleezza Rice by the Left:

A couple of more reminders for the willfully ignorant Boehlert:

That’s right. But, binders full of women!

By the way, Senior Fellow Boehlert, do you know what really is racist and sexist? Blaming others for Susan Rice’s incompetence and President Obama’s failures. They can’t be held accountable for her own actions, right? Because how could the poor dears.

Update: Oh, dear! The White House is scrambling.

From the White House official website:


See, guys!

Lame, White House. Lame.


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