Alas, that didn’t happen. A Ticketmaster glitch sent out an email offering public Inaugural Ball tickets for sale a day early. The tickets then sold out, before they were even supposed to go on sale.

Ticketmaster’s apology did little to salve the pain of disappointed, squeeing Obama fans.


Oh, honey.


No. No, they aren’t available. From the official Inaugural website:


Ticketmaster gets an earful. Or, tweetful.


Good luck getting an answer on that one; they kind of have their glitch-ridden hands full right now. Wait! Perhaps this customer provided a much-needed “look over here” distraction.

The non-crushed take it in stride and provide some snark as only Twitter users can.

Ticketmaster is attempting damage control on Twitter, and failing.

Oh, well. A follow-up mail. After the tickets were already sold out early.

Heh. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so frightening! There may be hope yet; perhaps more tickets for the pesky public will be offered, since they may come in handy now.

Unless, of course, Team Obama pulls the old “We totally meant to have a way smaller crowd.” Stay tuned!


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