Nice one! And with that, CNN contributor Dana Loesch was off and running. Well, tweeting. As Twitchy reported this morning, binders full of moochers were breathlessly tweeting thanks to President Sugar Daddy for the “free” birth control. Because, it’s totally empowering to tether your lady parts to Big Daddy Government. Plus, math is hard.

Bingo. Guess what isn’t “free?”

War on breathing. But, hey, “free” birth control.

Other conservative women continue to try to explain the facts of life to the woefully and wilfully ignorant.

Precisely. As Twitchy reported, President Obama has moved us forward to smaller paychecks. The non-deluded realize that, and even some Obama voters are suffering from buyers’ remorse. Sadly, too little, too late.

What dark magic is that?

Women who are truly empowered also fight back against the harmful veil of victimhood with which “feminists” try to shroud women.

Now that is empowerment, baby!

President Obama and his fellow travelers would rather enslave you, ladies. Remember that.


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