Wait, what? Sandra Fluke, hero? Even more hilarious: Fluke is boasting about it and preening.

Her oh-so-heroic acts of epic entitlement mentality, failed rallies disguised as “intimate gatherings”  and stretching her unwarranted fifteen minutes of fame to interminable lengths! Recognize, people!

That’s right. The always inane and insane Ed Schultz featured Sandra Fluke as a hero of 2012.

As always, Twitter users are givers, so they try to explain reality to the pathetically deluded and boasting Ms. Fluke.


Ah, yes. Remember that one?

And, a frightening thought.

Sigh. Welcome to 2013! On the plus side, at least we can still giggle madly. It’s either that, or curling up in the corner, weeping. So, keep the laughs coming, Twitter!