Welcome to 2013: Class warfare is now the legitimized.

As Twitchy reported, the House passed the crapwich known as the fiscal cliff bill late last night. The trainwreck of a bill raises taxes, while doing next to nothing to cut spending.

But, whatever! Stick to those Richy Riches who need to pay their “fair share,” huh, President Obama?

Sometimes, you’ve just made enough money and all. Small businesses didn’t “build that.” And the successful? You shouldn’t have built that. Class warfare is now acceptable according to Democrats and spineless Republicans.

Those who don’t seek to punish the successful and the  job creators are rightfully outraged.


Bingo. But, hey, poor little rich boy Obama isn’t done punishing yet.

He’s making plans. During his $4 million tax-payer funded vacation.


As for the capitulating, spineless Republicans?


Yep. Helpful tip, GOP: Americans won’t forget.