Bingo! As Twitchy reported, upon news of Hillary Clinton’s blood clot, liberals were quick to rail against conservatives for daring to be skeptical about her concussion. Evidently, that is cause for outrageous outrage.

The sane understand that it is not beyond the realm of reason to doubt a politician, for cripes sake.

But, of course, members of the media were quick to do the very thing they are pretending to rail against: They are now politicizing Hillary Clinton’s illness as a shameless and shameful way to attempt to slam conservatives. Never let a crisis, or a blood clot, go to waste!

Serious, yes. Seriously politicizing a woman’s illness.

Mother Jones bloggers joined in as well.

Serwer then retweeted a bunch of hashtag jokes as “evidence” of oh-so-evil conservatives. Then, he blamed Twitchy. For reporting a hashtag game. Excuse us while we go twirl our old-timey villain mustaches, all evil-like!

Bless your heart. Ah, the pitiful route of false equivalence! Being skeptical and acknowledging that the administration is perpetuating a cover-up over what happened in Benghazi is not the same as, say, wishing death on an ailing George H.W. Bush. Or popping champagne upon the death of Judge Bork.

Happy warriors refuse to allow the media to shamefully politicize Secretary Clinton’s illness, nor will they allow the media to falsely accuse conservatives. Want to know what a liberal is doing? Look at what he or she accuses others of doing.

And there is the difference right there. See what happens when one actually has a moral compass with which to guide him?

The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher was singled out by the hacktastic BuzzFeed. And his response is beautiful, as are the responses of other happy warriors who joined in to support him, and to call out media hacks.

Indeed. And looky here:

Huh. Going to include yourself on your outrageous outrage list, Andrew?

Zing! Oh, Treacher, never change. Other happy warriors answer the call to push back against media false narratives.

Honesty has never been BuzzFeed’s strong suit.

Well, not when the politician is a Democrat, duh!

And a reminder about actual hate and vicious wishes for death.

Here are a few more, media, and this only scratches the disgusting surface. Surely you will report on noxious stuff like this now, right?

Moral bankruptcy in all its glory.

But from happy warriors on the right? This was the norm after the news was reported.

Huh. How evil! We’ll leave the media hacks with a little something else.

Good lapdoggies! There will be extra kibble in your bowls from your Democrat masters, we’re sure.

* * *


The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan calls the very suggestion that Clinton didn’t have a concussion “perverse.”

Greg Gutfeld was quick to remind Sullivan that he’s not a doctor; he only plays one when it’s politically expedient. Sullivan knows “perverse” — he was, after all, at the vanguard of the “Trig Trutherism” movement, asking for evidence to prove that Sarah Palin was indeed the biological mother of her youngest son, Trig.

* * *


BuzzFeed is standing by its assertion that Treacher claimed Clinton had faked her concussion, though the supplied link only shows him saying: “If she has a concussion, let’s see the medical report. Let’s see some proof that she’s not just stonewalling. If it’s true, then we can all wish her a speedy recovery.” But … feelings.

* * *


Anti-gun activist Michael Moore has finally found a reason to be concerned about Benghazi.

Oh, Michael, will getting the facts right ever matter to you?