Heh. Mayor Bloomberg’s hypocrisy is showing again. Last week, another person was killed by being shoved in front of a subway; the second such murderous act this month.

Nope, no plan needed, evidently. Nanny Bloomberg is far too busy demanding a gun-grabbing plan instead. As Twitchy reported, he has taken to Twitter to ghoulishly politicize the tragedy in Newtown for his personal anti-gun zealot agenda.

But what about the nefarious subways that are endangering New Yorkers, Mayor?


Twitter users demand a plan in order to point out the obvious to the deluded mayor. Everyone has a right to be stupid, it’s true. But Mayor Bloomberg far too often abuses the privilege.



Alas, the mayor isn’t willing to have a national dialogue on subway endangerment. Some tragedies need to be kept in perspective, people! You know, the ones that don’t fit with Nanny Bloomberg’s personal agendas.


But, good news! The creeping danger of Big Soda? He’s still on it!

And Todd Starnes sums it up.