Oh, our sides! On a slow news day, it has come to this.

As Twitchy reported back in October, a new entry was made into the Handbook of Racial Code Words: Peanut butter sammiches. Oh, the soft bigotry and subtle racism of your child’s lunch! BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski resurrected that story today with the hilarious photo.

Alas, it’s an old “slow news day” meme. The racist peanut butter sammich debate happened months ago, as the weather numbers in the graphic also make clear. Unless, of course, that nefarious global warming has magically made it 85 degrees in Ohio today.

Old meme or not, Twitter is gasping for breath! Slow news day funnies? They’ll take it.

And, leave it to Twitter!


And so it begins.


There is never a slow news day on Twitter. Oh, Twitter, don’t ever change!