And yet another entry in the celebri-ghoul marathon rush to ghoulish jackassery. Now, if you defend the 2nd Amendment, you aren’t just a bitter clinger. You are also a “Founding Father fetishist.”

Comedian and actor Michael Ian Black started off exposing his idiocy by swooning over Piers “Musket” Morgan, the genius and noted firearms expert who just yesterday claimed one can buy AR-15s at the supermarket.

Whatever! Because, guns.

Black then oh-so-classily responded to a Twitter user who is fed up with the ghoulish influx of celebrities who are pushing an agenda on the backs of the dead.

That doesn’t help push his agenda. Don’t look behind the curtain!

He then pitifully tried to slam S.E. Cupp and Ann Coulter.

Get back in the kitchen, shrill girls!

And then the straw men came out in droves; evidently, Mr. Black just loves the sound (or sight) of his own tweets. A few examples:

Better to be unarmed and unable to defend yourselves from rape or another violent attack! Suck it up, ladies.

Er. And what does blaming the gun do?

Bingo! Liberal alleged thought is all about sloughing off responsibility for absolutely everything. Poor rubes can’t do a darn thing on their own; Big Daddy Government must do all for you. You can’t be expected to even function on your own, never mind take responsibility for anything!

And strict gun laws, like in Conn., do?

Answer that one, Mr. Black.

Next came the blowing off of our Constitution and our rights. Rights aren’t absolute, you see. They are only given if Smarter Than You people believe you deserve them. Know your place, people!

Not surprisingly, he is a Meghan McCain bestie.

Founding Fathers fetishization? What about deranged ghoulishness?

You want a “dialogue?” Then respond to these questions, Mr. Black.

More from RedState:

You want this one event to be a national test? Fine. Why are there 20 children dead when the state of Connecticut did what you said they should to keep their people safe?

Once you answer that question, we can get this conversation underway.

But, you know, it’s easier to just slam the grown-ups and the people who defend freedom and liberty as “fetishists,” huh?

Update: Aww, he doesn’t like being questioned, evidently.

The whining continued when Black retweeted things he thought were meany pants.