As Twitchy reported, Gov. Haley (R-S.C.) officially announced today that Rep. Tim Scott will be replacing the exiting Sen. DeMint.

Sarah Palin tweeted her congratulations to Rep. Scott, soon to be Sen. Scott, and her thanks to Gov. Nikki Haley. As usual, this resulted in typical liberal knee-jerk hate. Haters gotta hate! That’s all they do.

Er. South Catolina? U so smart.

Bigotry? Take a look at this bigotry and viciousness from the Left aimed at Rep. Scott. And more disgusting cries of “tokenism”:

Is it any wonder that Governor Haley had to say that Rep. Scott got the job on his own merits? How sad that she felt the need to do so, because of vicious and racist leftists who revoltingly demean the man and his accomplishments.

Bigots, heal thyselves.


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