NBC would have invented it, and then provided wall-to-wall coverage. But, once again, lapdogs are burying bones for the Left and its union goons. As Twitchy reported, violent thugs destroyed tents (with women and children inside) and a business during protests in Lansing, Mich. A union goon also physically attacked Steven Crowder, punching him in the face.

The media? Silent. Except to say that the “demonstrations” were “mostly peaceful.”

They truly are shameless. And shameful. How does one shame the shameless? The always awesome Ace of Spades is up for the task, and an epic drubbing results. First, he, and other happy warriors, attempt to have the lapdogs respond personally.

That’s right. Some cretins are disgustingly saying that Steven Crowder “deserved it.”


Ace continues to send media lapdogs to the doghouse.

Bingo! Or, they will let their delusions spin into outright conspiracy theories.

Ah, yes. Where is Brian Ross to falsely link this violence to the Tea Party?

WaPo’s Erik Wemple ups the cretin-ante.

See, the media are totally not embargoing the story. It’s Steven Crowder’s fault (again) for daring to talk about how he was viciously attacked. No, for real. Wemple said that.

Yet if folks are truly scandalized by the lack of generalized media outrage about Crowder’s treatment, they should take a second look at Crowder’s actions. Though he appears to have carried himself nobly while under attack, he’s gone buffoonish since then. He said on Twitter yesterday that this is “getting fun.” He challenged his assailant to a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight. And he has generally sounded as if he’s enjoying this boost to his career prospects, in a way that his Halloween-candy-exposes-the-fraud-of-income-redistribution stunt did not.

Given how Crowder has carried on, I, too, may well pass on the story of his beating, were I a network executive producer.

Read that again, and disregard the clear case of envy (waah, Crowder has a career!).

Know your place, Steven! Shaddup and just say you fell down the stairs. That’s Wemple’s argument. Ace, once again, utterly wallops Wemple.

Yes, just ask special snowflake Soledad O’Brien.

And Ace, as ever, puts it all in a brilliant nutshell.

Yeah. Weird, huh?

Update: The drubbing continues.

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