Oh, dear. As Twitchy reported, singer Jenni Rivera was a passenger in a plane that crashed over the weekend.

There were no survivors. Her death has, sadly, been confirmed.

But even the confirmation of her death is not stopping the conspiracy theories nor the claims that Jenni Rivera is still alive from making the rounds on Twitter.


They are cruelly swarming Rivera’s son’s Twitter feed with false hope, as Twitchy reported. A psychic is also preying on the grieving and devastated young boy. And it continues today.


Now, the conspiracy theories, like kidnapping, and claims that Ms. Rivera is not dead have resulted in hashtags, including #SaveJenni and #BringJenniHome.




And a sick Photoshop enters the conspiracy mix.



Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ms. Rivera’s family. We hope that her fans will will stop tormenting her young son with such claims, and will let the devastated family grieve. In death, Ms. Rivera should not be relegated to conspiracy theory status. She was a human being; a loving mother, daughter and friend.

Rest in peace, Jenni Rivera.


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