The Michigan House is voting today on a right-to-work law, which would make Michigan the 24th right-to-work state.

As Twitchy reported, teachers who put their own self-interest above their students took the day off to attend the union-organized and astro-turfed right-to-work protest.

And, of course, Jesse Jackson is making an appearance.

Riot police are at the ready.

Twitter users provide more on-scene reports and pictures.

We hope the riots don’t come to pass. Twitchy will monitor this situation and update with further developments. The vote is expected to occur shortly. Non-goons explain why it will be great news for Michigan when it becomes a right-to-work state.

And Gov. Snyder.

Update: Even while protesting, they must whine about Romney.

Update: Granholm is also there.

Update: Threats of violence from a Democrat from the House floor:

New tone!

Update: Michael Moore thinks it is totally awesome that teachers blew off work, and failed to do their jobs today. For the children!

Here is a teachable moment, dear.

Then again, maybe it’s better for the kids that their teachers stay away:

Is our children learning?

Update: Goon-ettes have somehow managed to make the right-to-work debate about a battle for lady parts:

Of course.

Update: Union thugs are making good on their threats of violence:

And shouting down counter-protesters:


Update: Meanwhile, the Michigan House has passed the right-to-work bill for public employees.

The vote on the bill for private sector employees should happen shortly.

Update: Here’s where the right-to-work legislation stands:

Update: It’s official. Michigan is officially the 24th right-to-work state: