How dare anyone notice that the Obama administration seems to have a bit of trouble with spelling! Math is hard, and so is spelling. That’s right; The White House misspelled Santa Claus. A screenshot, from


There’s one explanation! And here is another.

It’s funny, because it is totally possible.

Sadly, the White House is not alone, as a quick search of “Santa Clause” indicates. Public education at work? Since schools are banning Christmas, are they also banning the proper spelling of Santa Claus?

Well, neither do most people. But do you believe in Santa Claus?

He said, “Honey, at least spell a dude’s name correctly, if you are kissing him.”

“Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” by Bruce Springstein!

Oh, dear. When you’ve lost a book of facts

And a Teachable Moment ™ for the copy editors at the White House:

That is a Santa clause. You’re welcome.