How dare we accurately quote tweets!

Like Ellen Barkin, the oh-so-classy Cumia is upset that we reported his self-published tweets.

They are special snowflakes, you see! You are only allowed to quote things they’ve said if you are going to fawn all over them and praise them.

As Twitchy reported, the co-host of “Opie and Anthony” wished gymnast McKayla Maroney a happy 17th birthday by sexually degrading her. Cumia then doubled down and continued to take to Twitter to rationalize his disgusting “hymen breaking” tweet.

His preference? “Throwing a banging” to the 17-year-old gymnast.

Hey, it’s legal somewhere, the 51-year-old rationalizes.

Plus, he shoots guns so he can’t be vile! Or something.

Some fans also rationalize by implying that we shouldn’t point out vile behavior, because conservative. Allegedly.

Sigh. Evidently, we should ignore the sexualizing and degrading of minor girls, then. It’s not repugnant if someone you like does it? That’s not conservative thinking; it’s leftist.

Cumia retweeted this one.

See, he’s on Red Eye and he wants to make sure you know it. So, you can’t call him out for his own reprehensible actions! Cumia is retweeting a bunch of tweets that are calling him out. Clearly, it is a sad attempt to rationalize and deflect. People are picking on him for his “preferences” and it is their fault. Silly rubes who believe in respect. And, you know, the non-degradation of girls.

By the way, Mr. Cumia, how can one “tattle” if someone hasn’t done anything wrong?

Indeed. But, evidently, that’s not his “preference.”


The foul-mouthed Cumia still can’t stand the heat and is viciously lashing out at his critics: