Heh. President Obama touted The New York Times’ Paul Krugman as “one of the smartest economic reporters out there‘ not too long ago. That’s not really surprising. It’s no wonder he thinks Krugman is smart; Math is hard! Math, and reality, are also hard for Mr. Krugman.

Twitter users, unlike the president, don’t squee over the absurd Krugman. And the response to his “This Week” appearance this morning was no different.

The oh-so-classy Krugman attempted to slam Sen. DeMint by making a “joke” about DeMint’s new gig at The Heritage Foundation.


The always ridiculous Krugman then prattled on, relentlessly letting his idiocy show. Bless his heart.




Well faced, Mary! Of course, she could have been looking aghast at his tie.

He lacks common sense and fashion sense. Double fail, Krugman!