Gasp! People had to wait in line to vote? Oh, the humanity! What an untenable burden. Luckily, Senator Boxer (D-Calif.) is on it. And her fellow travelers are all giddy.

The most pressing issue of our times!

A travesty. Oh, the injustice of … standing. Being made to queue up is totally suppression. Who are the dastardly demons behind such a thing?

Rethuglicans, of course! They are forcing people to actually vote. Sheesh! Every ballot should have just been automatically marked for Obama. Problem solved!

Of course, Rachel Maddow also thinks this is peachy, but sane Twitter users try to explain reality to both Senator Boxer and Ms. Maddow.

Yes. Yes, she did.


Bingo! And Richard Grenell, as always, puts it in a nutshell.

Boom! She will solve the crisis (and travesty) of waiting on line to vote. But long unemployment lines? Not so much. No big whoop!

Oh yeah, she’s also a liar.

Citizens call her out on her shameless lies.

These are our Democrat “leaders,” people. Solving the crisis of lines and fiddling about with hashtags in lieu of actual fiscal cliff plans.