Oh, dear. As Twitchy reported, rumors have been swirling about an Ashley Judd run at something. Now, the rumors are focusing on a run for Senate in Kentucky against Sen. McConnell.

Just what we need! More lady parts peddling Julias. Sigh.

Indeed. On the plus side? Hilarity will surely ensue.



But, wait. This is frightening.

Oh, no. Would Kentucky possibly pull a Minnesota and vote her in?

Whew! So, let the Schadenfreude commence! More hilarious? Ms. Judd is evidently already doing opposition research. On herself.

But, whoops! She’s already “uncovered” quite a bit of herself.

And this Twitter users sums it up.

Ashley is getting her participation ribbon pat on the head from the Democrats.  Now, go make them all a sammich, toots!

Update: More oppo research she needs to do on herself. Submitted without comment, because we are too busy gasping with giggles.


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