Oh, for cripes sake! That’s right, Team Obama is still campaigning.

No, no he won’t. He also won’t stop begging for donations.


Hey, he has Hawaii vacations and staged photos that insert himself into history to pay for! Next, lying liar Stephanie Cutter gets in on the permanent campaign action.


More from Townhall:

The 2012 Obama campaign really isn’t over apparently. Last week President Obama said during a press conference he “missed being out on the campaign trail,” but it seems he never really left. Remember, Cutter was President Obama’s top liar prior to Election Day on November 6 so it isn’t surprising that after weeks of staying quiet, Cutter is back to promote Obama’s tax plan.

Well, Cutter also recently made the rounds to shamefully tell Americans that Obama had a mandate to get people to “stay in the middle class.” No growth for you!

Americans are fed up with the campaigner in chief.

And, good news! It appears that the spamming will continue.