New hotness: Spotting Mitt Romney in random locations, most recently in La Jolla, Calif. While snubbed members of the media had to make do with fake live tweets of the Romney/Obama lunch date, Twitter users are spotting Romney all over the place!

The media does try to get in on the “Where’s Willard” action. The Washington Post wrote about a “detached” Romney, who is “tending his wounds.”

Or, you know, just living his life. How dare he?! WaPo also mentioned the photo of Romney pumping his own gas. The horror!

Heh. Indeed. Journalism has been flat-lining for a while.

The Romney spotting fun on Twitter continues, with no end in sight.

Some wishful thinking? But if you squint really hard …

Some confirmed sightings, with photo evidence! At McDonald’s.

And CVS.

And the latest: A pizza joint.

The most pressing question:


And if they do get old?

Stay tuned! Is “Where’s Tagg” next?