Twitter is buzzing today, as Pope Benedict XVI ‘s new Twitter account has been revealed. The buzz started yesterday, when it was reported that the pope would launch a personal Twitter account.

Many thought the account would be under the handle @benedictusppxvi, and started following that account in anticipation.

But, the correct account is @Pontifex.

The account’s follower numbers are growing by the second!

As for whom the pope is following?

Ah, keeping tabs, perhaps. Alas, The Vatican will soon realize that fake accounts won’t end any time soon. This is Twitter!

Chuck Grassley welcomes Pope Benedict XVI as only he can.

“U.” They are totally buddies!

Ugh. Sadly and predictably, that did start.

Roseanne Barr, of course, joins in the hate.

And others follow vile suit.


Really? This coming from people who gay-bait and bash constantly. And lady parts peddling, of course: See, the pope totally hates women, what with all that trying to protect them from being killed in the womb. Monster! Another thing that the haters don’t understand; the pope loves them, no matter what they say or do, and always will.

Haters, heal thyselves.