Oh, dear. Someone sure needs to get out of his bubbles sometimes. Resilient? If by resilient he means massive layoffs, hiring freezes and business closures. Sadly, Timothy ‘TurboTax’ Geithner only pokes his head out of the bubble long enough to make the Sunday show spin rounds.

And, Twitter users weren’t impressed with his bumbling incompetence.


Indeed. Feast your eyes on some gems from Geithner.


Ask Herb, in human resources!

Fiscal cliff, shiscal cliff! They have class warfare to foment.

Since Twitter users are givers, they helpfully come up with some more delusional nonsense for Geithner to spout.

And this Twitter user is calling Geithner’s bluff.

Obama’s plans will cause us to plummet over a cliff regardless. But, hey, at least he has plenty of time to insert himself in yet another biography. Historic!