No, really. The White House launched another pitiful hashtag campaign. The latest sad attempt is about extending the Bush tax cuts. Wait, what? We thought those were evil?

Whatever! He evolved.

Now with more class warfare and lies! Their earlier hashtag failures weren’t titanic enough, evidently.

Heh. #Dontdoublemyrate was a classic hijack, filled with comedy gold! Hey, White House, what’s the definition of insanity again? And, away they go, delusionally pimping yet another hashtag.

See? He’s totally sitting around your kitchen table! And he reads letters, in the form of tweets.

Pelosi gets in on the idiocy.

Fiscal cliff, shiscal cliff. President Obama starts hashtag games. New slogan: The Hash stops here.

Happy warriors aren’t buying it, and the mockery begins swiftly.

And, the hilarious hijacking begins.

Doug Benson gets in on the action.


Oh, it’s trending.

But not in the good way, White House.

Bless your heart!

And, a three-way tie for the win.