If you have an auction, and nobody bids …

That’s right. You can bid to win a “strategy session” with the liberal tool known as Sandra Fluke.

Now, pick yourself up from the floor, where surely you have collapsed in a fit of giggles, because there is more. From WAM!’s (Women, Action & the Media) auction page:

Got a fantastic idea for a campaign but not sure where to start? Wondering how you can use the tools of activism to make your project the most effective it can be? Social justice advocate Sandra Fluke will help you harness the power of activism and/or advocacy with this strategy session. You bring the expertise on your issue, and Sandra will bring her sharp strategic mind and national experience.

Oh, stop it! Our knees are stinging from all the slapping! She will help you “harness the power” of massive crowds, numbering in the ones! Her sharp, strategic mind will explain how you, too, can effectively rally a handful of people in a grocery store parking lot!

But, wait, there is even more.

Estimated Value Priceless

Opening Bid $20.00

Next Minimum Bid $20.00

Priceless! Oh, sweeties. Bless your Julia hearts.

Evidently, Fluke’s power harnessing doesn’t include the ability to garner interest. The pitiful auction tweet has been retweeted a whopping six times. Since last evening.

Hey, that’s almost the number of people who attended her Reno “rally,” right? So, there’s that.


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