Policy, smolicy! Obama does what he wants, rubes.

Hey, what happened to that whole spiel about how leaders shouldn’t be above anything? Did President Obama forget what he had said just a bit earlier?

Ah, what’s a little thug-appeasement?! It’s just “diplomatic courtesy,” you see.

More from The Weekly Standard:

Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes defended the president in comments to the press:

He said that the US government position is still to refer to the country as Burma.

He said it was a “diplomatic courtesy to refer to “Myanmar” in his meeting with Thein Sein.

“The US government position is still Burma but as we have said, different people call this country by different names.”

Just words!

Nothing to see here, move along. The press didn’t get the memo, though. They are using Myanmar.

Perhaps this is why?

Or maybe they are trying to avoid being on the receiving end of shrieks of raaaaaacist.

Weird, though. Lapdogs in the media have no qualms about refusing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.