Sigh. The peddling of lady parts continues.

As Twitchy reported, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today to deliver the oh-so-shocking news that she’s not stepping down as House minority leader. On the plus side, she committed a hilarious and epic flub: She said that Democrats “still have the gavel.” Whoops!

But, wait, there was more hilarity to be had at the press conference. Evidently, all that was missing in the lady parts peddle-fest was some Code Pink style vagina costumes.

Men have cooties; can’t even bear the sight of them! But what about their Man-God Obama? The Patriarchy ™ is totally fine, natch, so long as he pats you on the head and pays (or makes someone else pay) for your birth control. Poor, helpless dears!

When you lose CNN’s Dana Bash …

Then the ladies started booing a male reporter. Luke Russert dared to ask a pertinent question, rather than worshipping at the altar of lady parts. Thus, he’s sexist. And agist. And whatever other “ist” they can come up with.

Libs on Twitter also freaked out. How dare he treat Nancy Pelosi as he would any other politician. Doesn’t he know that “empowerment” means being treated as a delicate flower who surely can’t be held accountable for anything. She’s lucky she can hold a gavel, much less remember if she has one or not.

But, wait. Don’t Progressives of Pallor always criticize the GOP for being the party of old white people? What’s good for the goose, toots.

Luke Russert took to Twitter to explain his question, which was a good one.

Bingo! But, you know, facts don’t matter. They have gender identity politics to wage. You’ve come a long way, baby!

A happy warrior puts the faux-outrage in a hilarious, ageism-mocking nutshell.